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About Us

MicroComputer Task Group (MCTG) is a dynamic group of information technology developers that mold your data and the rules for your business operation into computer applications that run on the PC desktop and Web / mobile devices. To give you the lowest cost quality solutions, MicroComputer Task Group utilizes the appropriate high-level programming languages known for their advantage as RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools. Unlike other developers, the MCTG team encourages client participation in the development process. Going beyond preparing and evolving the app’s design specifications, MCTG encourages client creation of database tables and designing reports and providing an under the hood look into every aspect of the apps design and internal structure. The appeal is minimal marketing and maximum direct and honest interaction with your technical team. Founded and led by chief architect Garth Groft, MCTG has been developing custom computer software for businesses and manufacturers including Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years.

The MCTG team is creating a LAN based computer app that supports equipment selection quotation and proposal reports. This LAN app is the centerpiece for the company’s distributor sales. Another application under on-going development processes carrier shipment data and gives the company's Web based customer access to their data and features a cutting edge data search engine.  A third example application supports on-line product registration for another air conditioning business.

Garth’s team is widely recognized as a developer of highly intuitive HVACR equipment selection programs. Especially noteworthy - the equipment selection and quotation program developed for Johnson Controls was acclaimed as the best in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration) industry. MCTG was commissioned to develop desktop apps for ARI and GAMA certified equipment performance ratings as well as the widely used GAMA AFUE calculation program.

Garth also authored unique and proprietary refrigerant and psychrometric properties libraries and data curve fitting software that add significant value and cost savings to client applications.

The user base for applications developed by MCTG is well over a 1000 users worldwide. Garth has extensive knowledge of accounting, purchasing, inventory, job tracking, air-conditioning, heat transfer, mechanical engineering, numerical analysis, statistical analysis, and test data acquisition as well as CADD (Computer Aided Drafting & Design).

MicroComputer Task Group MCTG is a MANTEC Qualified Solutions Provider. When you turn to us, we deliver more software for less by using rapid application development tools such as Microsoft™ Visual FoxPro™ and Alpha Anywhere complimented by SQL Server, / Visual Studio, FoxInCloud / West Wind Web Connect, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5. 


Our Base Team: 


Garth Groft

Software Architect
Web Developer

Becky Weaver

Software Developer

HVAC Specialist

Troy Randle

Network Engineer

Network Security

Web Developer




Kyle Groft