YORK ESP2007 Build Maintenance Log Equipment selection and performance ratings for 1.5-25 ton Single Package Units, 4-50 ton Commercial Split Systems including Millennium splits, 1.5-7.5 ton Residential / Commercial Split Systems, and 25-40 ton Millennium rooftops.

You are invited to download YORK's new ESP XP RPDF which features very rapid PDF report generation (about 1 second per report - same as previewing only) and full incremental page numbering. Improved PDF reporting features: Generates the PDF preview of single or multiple reports extremely fast. Scrolls from top to bottom of report smoothly and quickly. Rapidly advances to next report page. Reduced PDF file size for emailing. Ability to append other documents (specifications, letters, tech guides, etc.) and delete pages. The XP RPDF version has the same selection and rating modules as it's predecessor cast in brighter XP style screens . The new ESP can import your projects from the current ESP 2007 (directory folder ESP2003v32).

A CAD drawings report option has been added to ESP. This report displays thumbnail submittal drawings and associated roof curbs and adaptors for each unit for use with your CAD software. Using the new version, you may now enter your Contacts into ESP's own contacts database as an alternate to MS Oulook.

All versions of ESP are Windows Vista compatible. To boast your knowledge of using ESP, check out the readme.txt file in the installed directory, the FAQ on the mctg.com Support page and the Tutorial on the mctg.com Downloads page.

For technical support, you may contact us at 717 848-6284 or email us at garth.groft@mctg.com.

User responses: 1. "Very nice! Cleaned up very nice. Everything seems to be working well. I like it. Very nice job!" 2. "I'musing the RPD one. I was not going to use ESP2007 anymore if this (ESP XP RPDF) has everything and more. I like it better already!" 3. "Much faster (PDF report generation). Great job!"

ESP2007 can be installed over the Internet by downloading the ESP2007 Internet Install file. An alternative to the Internet Install is to download the Single Install File. Click the links below to download using one of the two options. If you encounter any difficulties in downloading, click the help book at the bottom of the page.

Installation Option 1: Internet Install Download Now!
Backup your current ESP installation before downloading a new build. Always choose Option Open: After downloading the ESP2007 Internet Install file, stay connected to the Internet and run the install file. This will install ESP in a new directory ESP2003v32. Note: Each build of ESP has an associated Internet install file designed to install that build. Be sure to download a new install file first before installing a new build.
Installation Option 2: Single File Install Download Now!
Backup your current ESP installation before downloading a new build. Option Open: Downloads to a temporary folder and installs the program. File is not stored on the permanent hard drive. Option Save: Downloads the file to your hard drive for installing the program or burning to a CD offline. After downloading the install file, run ESP2003v32.exe.

Help - click here for help on downloading files from mctg.com