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Timeline and Testimonials


2019- 2020

New VFPA (VFP 10) Visual FoxPro Launch

The three day 2020 Virtual FoxFest Developers Conference introduced Visual FoxPro Advanced (VFPA) as a third-party replacement and enhancement for Microsoft's VFP 9 product. VFPA remedies over 100 bugs and incompatibilities in VFP 9 and introduces new features to enhance modern development. VFPA also offers an x64 (64-bit) version that ensures VFP viability on the Window platform. VFPA is essentially VFP 10. Developers and users now have an appropriate retort to the too often repeated mantra that FoxPro is dead, 32-bit only and no longer supported. The strong Fox community supports FoxPro. VFPA is free! Fox lives!

Panagraphics Inc. - Job Tracking System

MicroComputer Task Group upgraded the Panagraphics Inc. Job Tracking app to Version 2 for quoting custom metal enclosures. The application's screens and reports were upgraded to capture the look and feel of the company's website. Reporting options were simplified and performance was enhanced.

Ross Technology, Inc. - Racks Quotation System

MicroComputer Task Group upgraded the Ross Technology, Inc. Quotation app for quoting Dexco Racks products. Many enhancements were made to expand functionality, improve performance, and provide an interface into Salesforce CRM.



ProAir, Inc. (American Cooling Technology, Inc.) - Product Warranty Registration

MicroComputer Task Group developed a product warranty registration app for the web for a ProAir (formally American Cooling Technology, Inc.). The client requested that the application be developed using Alpha Anywhere to build on their desktop Alpha V based warranty registration app.



United CoolAir Inc. - Unitedcoolair Select

MicroComputer Task Group developed a product selection and quotation app for United CoolAir, Inc. using Visual FoxPro. This cutting edge app's interface has been praised by users for its greater usability over comparable competitors' software. This app is downloadable for registered distributors and dealers from the United CoolAir website and runs on their work stations. The design of this app surpasses in many ways the ESP app developed for by MCTG for Johnson Controls. See more on building up to this app under 1989-2003.



MicroComputer Task Group became a MANTEC Qualified Solutions Provider, thereby providing substantial savings in development costs to MCTG clients for the United CoolAir Selection and the ProAir Product Warranty Registration apps.  

MCTG developed its first Web app using Visual FoxPro in combination with FoxInCloud to create a system for generating customer invoices for carrier packages. The web app allows customers to view and edit their shipment invoices online after their data is imported and processed and reports are generated by the FoxPro segment of the app.

MicroComputer Task Group developed a variety of custom applications for testing facilities, invoicing carrier package shipments, racks manufacturer, metal enclosures and steel fabricators, heat exchanger manufactures, paving material supplier, heavy lifting and light hoist and crane builders, and financial fund management brokerage, product selection, ratings and quotations, job tracking, labor reporting, invoicing, test data analysis, product directory query, membership profile and billing, marketing planning, and furnace certified performance calculation and fishing log book.

Garth developed the complex AFUE furnace and boiler calculation app for GAMA. This version of the AFUE app is still in being used by many GAMA members, engineers and others.

Formed a seven man developer team designated as Cloud Apps Studio to develop its first application designed for the Web. The application made ARI's widely used directories of certified HVAC equipment accessible via the web for the first time. The directories of certified furnaces and boilers for GAMA (Gas Applications Manufacturers Association) followed, forming a natural companion app bookend. Completing the Web app bundle, several home energy savings calculator apps targeted for HVAC dealers and consultants were also developed.  


MicroComputer Task Group and founder Garth Groft were featured in the Moment with a Manager section of the York Newspaper, Sunday June 2004 edition.


Johnson Controls, Inc. - York ESP Equipment Selection Program

MicroComputer Task Group developed YORK ESP, the Equipment and Selection Program developed for Johnson Controls and launched it worldwide. This app enabled salesmen, architects and engineers in the HVACR (air-conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration) industry to prepare submittals and quotations specifying equipment manufactured and sold by Johnson Control's York and each of three UPG OEM brands. This app was cited as the best software in its class and attracted thousands of users worldwide.

While vacationing in Colonial Williamsburg, a book caught my eye in the bookstore. This book, "The Dynamics of FoxBase+ Programming" by George Goley IV  was the inspiration behind my choosing FoxPro as my primary application developer tool.

Garth developed affiliations with three consultants: Larry Leo, CEO of The Leo Group (Hershey, PA), Bob Swearingin and Bob Weatherspoon. Garth supported and engaged in a number of mutually beneficial joint ventures with these consultants. In house sales personnel were not needed. A good measure of new business came to MCTG by word of mouth and FoxPro developers were in strong demand.

Larry Leo and I were classmates at a FoxPro training class taught by FoxPro guru George Goley of Micro Endeavors, Inc. in suburban Philadelphia. George was later hired by Bill Gates to head up Microsoft's cross platform database development (ASP. Net, SQL Server, Access, FoxPro). FoxPro was becoming an increasingly popular application development tool. Micro Endeavors asked me to help them with two FoxPro projects, one having a client known to be problematic. I developed a good working relationship with the client. Ultimately, I decided to remain in York and continue growing my own business. As a footnote, George married the lady he hired later for the position I was being considered for.

After attending George's FoxPro class, Larry Leo and I teamed up to develop some FoxPro apps for one of his clients in Harrisburg, PA.

                                                Customer Testimonials

Becky Weaver - Sales Engineer, United CoolAir Corporation 2016.9.15:
“Selecting Garth to develop our equipment selection program was easy, with his success with the comparable application developed for Johnson Controls. The development environment he offers enables us to participate effectively in the app’s development. Garth is instructing us on most of the coding techniques required to make the program work - a deliverable seldom offered or achievable with other developers. This results in enormous cost savings. Garth has a keen eye for esthetics and creating an intuitive user interface. His knowledge of heat transfer and mathematical and his business experience are highly valuable assets. With our program, our customers are now able to select our equipment themselves in a matter of minutes, no longer the better part of a day. We are seeing a significant increase in quotation and orders. Our program offering reflects favorably on how well we try to serve our customers. We highly recommend Garth for developing your computer apps."

John Lucas - Service Manager, American Cooling Technology, Inc. 2016.5.17:
"Garth, you are doing a great job."

Mark Sindivich - President, Bituminous Paving, Inc. 2007: “Every time I ask you to add a new feature to my software, you manage to exceed my expectations. Your applications are refreshing to look at and use. You have a very nice touch."

Andrew Swartz - President Shipment Trackers, Inc.  2016: "Thanks for your diligence and good work. Good job!"  

Steve Shaffer. Marketing Manager, Shipment Trackers, Inc. 2016.8.17: “Your contributions made a significance difference in helping us move forward."

                                                  Employee Testimonials

Wyatt McGuire - Web Developer/Network Specialist, MicroComputer Task Group 2005.3.1:
"If I worked for what was believed to be the best-rated company in the world, I would leave to work for MCTG. Challenge can be viewed as an adversary or an opportunity. There are those who turn their backs when the road ahead becomes unclear, and those who blaze a new path. My experience at MCTG has allowed me to treat every obstacle that I encounter as a chance to create a new road. On a daily basis, I may be expected to balance the tasks and report on the progress of several projects, each with their own unique issues to accommodate. I may work face to face with a client, program a complex application, and debate programming techniques with a fellow employee, all within the same day. These challenges have allowed me to sharpen my skills in multiple fields and to become more focused in many ways. The relaxed work environment at MCTG eliminates much of the stress that would normally accompany such requirements. The opportunities and freedoms have created a workplace that is second to none."