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Garth Groft
2164 Southbrook Drive
York, Pennsylvania 17403-4851
(717) 854-8747 home/office
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World Wide Recognition

Garth and his team are recognized for developing affordable computer applications with great interfaces, popular reporting options such as PDF, Excel and CSV and dynamic links to Excel workbooks. The first such application was ESP (Equipment Selection and Performance). ESP was developed for Johnson Controls, Inc. (formerly York International, Inc.) for selecting and quoting the company's HVAC products. The ESP app was so good that with as few as two weeks of training a rookie salesman could be selecting and quoting York products in a matter of minutes and winning the job. As a result, the York Philadelphia branch sales exceed quotas every quarter and the branch manager credited ESP for this success. ESP received many accolades from users and managers alike for being the best selection and quotation software tool in the HVAC industry. Not surprising, the user base for the ESP-like family of apps including York OEM brands grew to well over a thousand users worldwide. See our Portfolio page for more information on these and many other applications developed. After Becky Weaver began a full time sales position with United Coolair (UCA), she invited Garth to help with developing a quotation app like ESP for UCA. Using Visual FoxPro database, screens and reports, Garth and Becky outdid themselves for rapid development and teamwork. Engineering could not keep up. The resulting app may have surpassed ESP as the best selection and quotation software in the business. The app's equipment performance shined in its sophistication, accuracy and computational speed.

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